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'ALASKAR' Software

'ALASKAR' software is a business solution, created for optimization of a technical maintenance process and continuing airworthiness management of aircraft used for passenger transportation, business aviation and military aviation.

'In addition to the desk-top version of the software, installed on usersa computers, the most used functions, created to monitor the technical tasks, are also provided in the web applications of the software. The main advantage of web applications is the ability to access necessary data from anywhere and anytime, having an Internet connection.

'The product is efficient as both the whole software and separate modules.

'As the main goal of the company is an introduction of up-to-date, high-tech IT solutions to the aviation sphere in order to increase the quality of aviation technical services, the most important criteria of products is their release in conformity with modern requirements.

'Flexible financial policy of our company allows you to purchase the software, considering individual privileges and mutual benefits.

About Us

The ITSF Company was set up in order to provide high-level, professional services in the automation support of aircraft airworthiness, repair and maintenance.

A knowledge of technical maintenance key moments, MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) and CAM (Continuing Airworthiness Management) system's weaknesses and strengths, a long-term experience have contributed to a new vision of the MRO and CAM system and the way it should operate and function.

A fact that multifunctional, diversified, multi-purpose industry solutions lead to the loss of implementation pace, decline in efficiency and the vague goals and tasks statement has exerted a great influence on the development of an advanced, more efficient and aviation-oriented MRO and CAM system on the basis of twelve years' experience in the aviation industry.

This system created in accordance with careful industry analysis is aimed at obtaining the quick and qualitative results, the completion of technical tasks, aircraft maintenance and repair services automation.


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Store Module

Store Module is a professional aviation solution, allowing companies to maintain store logistics in a more efficient way. Module functionality covers all key steps of the storing process: from material ordering and transfer into company’s stores to materials output. Due to thought-out features such situations as spare parts absence or lack and overdue materials keeping are completely excluded – store replenishment control and logistics statuses tracking are carried out strictly. Powerful module tools facilitate quick and effective working process with large data amount, the system, in turn, makes available all necessary data, both financial and stock.

Part-M Module

Part-M Module is a comprehensive platform for fulfillment of continued airworthiness level appropriately. Broad module features increase the efficiency of fleet services and cover all aspects of maintenance management: from the aircraft maintenance program creation to its further planning and implementation. Convenient registration of maintenance requirements, visibility of requirements completion terms, practical functionality for work package management and extensive reporting system - all these factors contribute to the productive company workflow.

Aircraft Manuals

Aircraft Manuals is a web application where customers may keep their aircraft guidance. How does it work? On the customers’ demand we convert manuals of any aircraft type from the PDF format (or other formats) to the HTML format and load the manuals database on our web server. What is it for? Customers get an access to original aircraft manuals from anywhere and anytime. Due to our quick and convenient keyword search it is possible to find necessary information within a few seconds and it also turns a daily grind into a pleasant and efficient working process. Try it yourself.We offer you to register into the system for testing the demo application. The B737-NG manuals, namely AMM, FIM and IPC, are provided on our web site for the demonstration purpose.

Line maintenance module

Line maintenance module is reliable and intelligent software, covering all technical steps of A and B checks. The module operates in the following way: after the work package creation, it is added with technical tasks, which then will be distributed among engineers; after that, the system registers required materials and the work packages completion. The software both prepares for upcoming line maintenance and controls the carrying out process.

Illustrated tool catalog

Illustrated tool catalog is a digital platform, created for storing tools and equipment. Using a Catalog’s editor, it is possible to track the current statuses of tools and keep detailed data: a part number, suppliers, technical documentation and instructions of use. The system also registers engineering works, conducted with the use of specialized equipment and tools, and leads statistics on their usage. Convenient filters help in quickly searching of necessary equipment and getting the correct information on the tools working ability and availability. Reporting system allows users to print out any necessary reports.

Dent & Buckle Catalog

Dent & Buckle Catalog is a convenient and simple solution, suitable for Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) companies and airlines. The purpose of this catalog is accurate and precise tracking of defects on the aircraft fuselage. The software allows registering, keeping and viewing damages and repair actions. Specially designed graphics editor in visual form provides the record of the defects history.

Troubleshooting Module

Troubleshooting module is a convenient and simple solution, allowing users to register aircraft malfunctions’ sources and symptoms, as well as their corrective actions. The module has a structured database with specialized tools, advanced search and a filter system. Module options provide the ability to view the troubleshooting guide for further identification of isolating procedures and problems solution. The system also generates data in a report form, if it is necessary to print it out.

Scanning Module

Scanning Module is an additional application to Line and Base Maintenance modules, Part-M and Workshop modules, which contain a large amount of technical tasks. The purpose of the Scanning module is an addition of required data from paper documents into the system.The module tools allow users to scan and edit an unlimited amount of information on any technical tasks, registered in the above modules.